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We normally expect initial enquiries by email to:



We will send you a reply and ask you to complete the application form.  

If you're ready to apply now, you can download the form here or click the button below to fill in the online application form.

As part of the application, you need to accept our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions



You will then be invited, as soon as practicable, to an introductory group meeting hosted by two of our facilitators, at The Pepperpot in Godalming High Street.  Meetings are normally on Fridays.

If we both agree to go ahead, we will arrange for you to have a further group meeting, and/or a one-to-one discussin with a trained facilitator.

Meetings will be conducted via Zoom or socially distanced face to face sessions – depending on what is permitted under current Covid rules.

Do be assured that your private discussions with our facilitators will be treated as absolutely confidential. In the introductory group meeting, you do not need to share anything you are not comfortable with.


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