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Do you want to find a job?

What do we do?

We are a Rotary Job Club working in Godalming.  Our trained volunteer facilitators come from many different professional backgrounds and experience, but all share the same desire - to help you succeed in finding a job.


We offer independent, practical guidance and support on:

  • Understanding what your strengths are 

  • Setting yourself a goal and making a plan

  • Where to look for jobs

  • Filling in an application form

  • Creating a C.V. and preparing the right covering letter

  • Getting ready for an interview

  • How to build your confidence

  • Coping with rejection

  • Staying motivated

Do you want to hone your skills to apply for your next job - or your first job?

Are you a bit despondent having sent off lots of applications with little response?

Do you have experience of recruiting people in your business? 

Would you like to join us as a mentor?

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